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The April 2020 Menu Has Landed!

This menu is a bit different than many of my other menus. The idea here was just to handle a low oxalate diet – but to do that with easy to get foods, that are easy to store, shelf-stable, dry goods, canned goods or “basics”. 

You’ll be happy to know the menu comes both kid and husband approved. In fact, since the first night we had the Rustic Black-eyed Peas and Bacon, my husband has suggested it about 5 additional times. (It’s become a bit of a running gag.)

Why do a menu like this? Just for peace of mind! If you find that certain foods are more difficult to get as our world deals with restricted mobility, this menu gives you options. And they are tasty options, with as much nutrition built in as possible. 

In fact, I found the recipe development so effortless (much less time in kitchen prep overall), that I actually have a few more recipes than I needed! I’m thinking I may sprinkle those as extra goodies for my Level 2 and Level 3 subscribers over the month. 


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