A “limited” diet?

The main thing that people worry about when they go to a low oxalate way of eating is that they will have a “limited” diet. Nothing could be further from the truth!

While you may lose some of the foods that have been your staples, in many cases there are simple substitutions that will allow you to continue to make a favourite recipe or dish, and no one any the wiser!

A great example is spinach. I have had many clients who were very upset that they would have to give up spinach. Spinach can be so flexible! But spinach can be replaced with arugula, without even a second thought. In fact, replace spinach with arugula, one for one, and your recipe will turn out perfectly. 

One client –frustrated that her signature party dish was spinach dip, and spinach was extremely high in oxalate – was very excited to find that arugula resulted in a bowl of dip where no one realized the spinach had been swapped, and the oxalate content was a fraction of the original. She simply wilted fresh arugula and subbed for the frozen spinach. It can be this simple!

However, there are cases where the substitution is more complicated, or may require some more complex revamping of recipes. But this is where I can work with you – and you unique needs, including likes and dislikes – and help you find a new family favourite recipe. 

Here’s a link to a recipe that I’ve developed and which is on my Patreon channel. It makes use of good quality seafood, and uses both arugula and root veggies. It gives you an idea of what is possible. Note that you could serve this an example of simply good (even gourmet) food, and no one would know it was low in oxalate.