A wonderful interview with Corey at Simple Low Carb Lifestyle

Been busy getting the word out about oxalate!

This interview with Corey Conklin, who is “the Creative Keto Cook and founder of Select Savory Seasonings. His passion is to help people like him who are sick and tired of being sick and tired by showing them how to make good tasty food that is good for them, so they can lose weight, get healthy and feel amazing. He is also the recipe creator, shipping and receiving clerk, the operations manager, the janitor, the security guard and anything else that needs to be done”. 

I can vouch that this multifaceted kind of role is the life of an entrepreneur! I can also vouch for the kinds of amazing benefits you can get from the right diet. I too have lost weight; I too have regained a level of health that I have not had in decades. So this podcast is all about regaining your health, and maybe even dropping a few pounds.