Interview with Lucas of Quax Podcast

This was a great interview, in which Lucas and I chatted about soup to nuts (or not) when it comes to oxalate! The interview is 1 hour, 15 minutes – and we don’t skip a beat in terms of adding information at every point. (You can also get this podcast on SoundCloud at

An excellent topic that we touched on was also how the popularity of the Paleo diet could actually be driving oxalate issues. Why? Many of the Paleo proponents are also advising people to increase their consumption of extremely high oxalate foods like almonds, spinach, chard, beets, other nuts, including high oxalate flour alternatives like cassava, tapioca and nut flours.

If you are doing “everything right”, but are feeling worse – it’s possible that oxalate is your issue. Spend some time listening, and judge for yourself!