Oxalate Accumulates

I’ve written on this topic for the website Hormones Matter. (You can find that article here.) But now, I have seen the research below, which makes it much clearer. Why? The research used labelled calcium oxalate, which could be seen in the tissues on biopsy.

Note that the researchers found oxalate (even when kidney stones were not present) in a “dose dependent” manner. In other words, the more oxalate taken in, the more found in the tissues. And the tissues where oxalate was found? They included bone, kidney, muscle, liver, heart, lungs, spleen and testis. (I’m not sure why they would not have checked this same phenomena with the ovaries of female rats, but they do not appear to have done that.)

Keep in mind that oxalate is pro-inflammatory, although this has only been studied in relation to the kidneys. But if it’s having that effect on the kidneys, and you can have oxalate crystals in other locations (see here for oxalate crystals in joints), then perhaps we should be looking for it in other locations.